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Sensual Tantric Massage Therapists, Sacred Energy Healers and Lightworkers in Melbourne
Specialising in Sacred Energy Healing through Sensual Tantric Massage 


In its most potent,

Yet divinely sensual and

Soul nourishing form.

To feel embodied, alive and activated.

Through the sacred art of

Tantric Massage

Our beautiful,

empathetic and heart lead 

Tantric Goddesses will lead you on a journey 

of self realisation, self discovery and self love.

Skilled in the art of presence and connection, your goddess can help you to reconnect with your life force energy to experience a sense of deep surrender, release and connection with both your energetic self and your physical body.


All of our Tantric Goddesses are highlhy skilled empaths who offer ways of helping with healing from past sexual traumas, or current sexual dysfunctions that may be presently plaguing you during your most recent or current sexual experiences. Be sure to enquire via text message if this is something you wish to discuss or learn more about. 






We are a collective of heart lead Tantric massage goddesses who believe that every person deserves to experience a completely safe and loving space to de-armour so that they may fully experience and express their sexual energy safely and lovingly in a non judgemental and safe space held specifically for your individual needs at the time of your appointment.


Our Tantric Goddesses are skilled intuitive goddesses who specialise in connection, sensuality and the art of safe, sensual anconsciously placed tantric touch. They are carefully selected to be a part of our team based on their genuine desires to help others heal while providing a safe and loving space for this type of sacred healing.


Each therapist will give you her own unique tantric massage experience based on her own personal tantric  experiences, however what is uniform throughout  all of our tantric healing sessions regardless of who you see, is your therapists undivided attention and her desire to provide you with a true experience of connection and loving kindness through touch and complete and utter presence and attention.


We say to us, because tantra is many things to many people.

However to us here at Tantric Goddesses- Tantra is about 3 main things. 

 A loving heart felt presence, Connection and Intuition

Our tantric massages are a ceremonial ritual to tantalise your senses.

Deeply nourishing and sensual and completely experiential,
They are all about Love.

 A loving touch, a loving gaze, loving connection and loving intentions.

Our massages ignite your sexual vitality and leave you feeling connected. Connected to your therapist, connected to your heart and life force energy and connected to the present moment- enabling you to be fully be present to completely receive the soul nourishing energy and healing that your tantric goddess has to share with you.

Through the beautiful art of Tantric Touch we aim to touch and honor, not only your body, but your souls essence as well.  We are able to help you unblock old or stagnant energy in your body and allow you to release and let go some of the old programming we may have developed and stored in our bodies  over our years of learning and growth.

With your tantric goddess intuitively catering to your bodies energic and physical needs you will be captivated in each soul nourishing moment. Your experience will feel timeless and memorable and will leave you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on life.

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Those who have found themselves struggling with their sexual vitality.

Anyone feeling as though they have been lacking emotional and/or physical connection.

Anyone wanting to experience and practice more presence during loving and intimate moments.

Anyonewho stuggles with sexsual dysfunction of any sort- premeture ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or anyone experiencing a lack of connection in real life sexual situations due to pornography overstimulation.

Anyone wanting to experience new and potent ways of pleasure within the body.

Anyone  who feels as though they have lost their excitement and aliveness within themselves and want to awaken the spark again.

Women who want to connect with their bodies, feelings and sexuality on a deeper more loving level.

Anyone on a path of spiritual growth who is wanting to experience new ways of connecting to source.


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