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Hi, I am Tamara.

You might be wondering what to expect during our session together?
Let me take a moment to explain so that you can better decide whether I am the therapist best suited  for you...
First and foremost, please know that as a tantric goddess and professional in this field, I pride myself in providing exceptional sensual tantric massage experiences to each and every person who allows me the honour of joining them on their personal and unique tantric journey.
My intention during every session, is to create a safe space. Your very own personal nirvana if you will. A safe and sacred space to nurture your personal and sometimes unspoken desires. A space that allows you to be you, free from fear of judgement. A space  for you, to experience whatever it is you hope to experience.  
Many people who initially come to me can be  extremely nervous about what a session with me might entail.  Rest assured that this is very normal. For many people this is their very first experience of this nature and so naturally, nerves can be sky high. For lots of other people, the fear of experiencing something so unknown and intimate with a complete stranger can be really scary and/or overwhelming. Whatever yoy reasons, my role is to gently guide you on your journey and set your mind at ease.

So, please take a moment to read the description I have written below of a generalised tantric bodywork session with myself.
Please be aware that no sessions will be the same as I tailor each session to the individual needs of every client.


 Upon arrival, you and I will  sit down for a brief chat prior to our massage together actually commencing.

During this chat, we will go over any questions, concerns, boundaries and intentions that you might have and I will share with you any rules and boundaries that I expect you to respect, in order for us to both connect and have the best and most enjoyable experience together.

Once we both feel comfortable with everything discussed and payment has  been  settled (if not already) you will  then be requested to have a quick shower  to freshen up. This is compulsory, regardless of whether you showered before you came or not. We provide clean towels, and generally provide body washes, deodorant sprays and other complimentary toiletries for your convenience.

Once clean, you will meet me back in the treatment room in your towel where I will be waiting in my lingerie for you. Before our massage starts, I will usually  set the intentions for our space and our time together by leading you on a gentle guided meditation. This is to help calm your mind and relax your body through a series of guided tantric breathing exercises and guided visualisations. 

Once you have reached a relaxed energetic state and you are feeling calm, embodied and centered, I
 will begin the Tantric Full Body Worship. This is a deep honouring of the body. An intense awakening of your senses through a series of light touches, sounds and breath. An introduction of my touch to your body. To every single inch of your body, from head to toe. This is a very sensual and intimate experience that quite often leaves many feeling all sorts of intense feelings and emotions. Once I feel I have introuduced my touch to all areas of your body, I will then invite you to lay face down on the table.

Once on the table, I will proceed with taking you on a beautiful and intimate tantric journey. I will touch and tease all parts of your body in a sensual, yet playful and calming way. Putting you at ease with every gentle touch. Relaxing your body, I will use  a range of varying massage techniques, including long and intimate lomi  lomi style strokes, light sensual touches/tickles and the sensual erotic feeling of  gentle and soft breast sweeps and erotic body slides.

 Towards the end of your massage you will be invited to turn around where the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) massage is then incorporated (if wanted). I will aim to consciously spread the electrifying sensual energy all over your body, sending waves of  soul nourishing energy to every part of your being.
Our time together should feel timeless. You should never be in a rush to reach the "end result" because I will always aim to practice some form of ejaculation control. This usually presents in the form of edging. Holding you off till the very last moment.

Once the massage is complete and we have finished the session,  you will be invited to close your eyes and relax while i remove any excess oil on your body. I will  then allow you a few moments of quiet  time so that you can come back into yourself and reflect on any new sensations or emoticons you may have experienced. And then if you would like to shower again before you leave your welcomed to do so at this point.


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