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Meet Our Tantric Goddess



About  Aurora


Welcome to an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. Dive into a world where stress melts away and pure bliss awaits you.

Join me every Friday in the serene setting of St. Kilda for an exclusive experience tailored just for you.

With a background in remedial massage, I offer a unique blend of techniques, combining the therapeutic benefits of firm trigger point massage with the indulgence of sensual touch. My aim is to create a sacred space where you can release tension from both mind and body.

For over four years, I've been dedicated to the practice of tantra, guiding others on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. I firmly believe that by breaking down barriers in our minds, bodies, and spirits, we can all unlock a deeper understanding and appreciation of pleasure.

One area where blockages commonly occur is the Sacral Root Chakra, our center of creativity and life force energy. By removing obstacles such as resistance and shame, we can allow this energy to flow freely, enhancing pleasure and awareness throughout the body.

Whether you're a woman, man, or couple, I'm here to support you in cultivating a deeper connection with yourself. Together, we'll dissolve any barriers standing in the way of your heart's true desires.

Through breathwork, sound therapy, and movement practices, I'll guide you towards a profound union with your own pleasure potential.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled pleasure and self-discovery? Let's explore together.

Aurora's Offerings:

Tantric Bodywork - Most recommended and popular. Our most requested session combining erotic sensuality and tantric infused elements and principles
​$300 for 60mins/$350 for 75mins/$450 for 90mins/$600 for 120mins

Tantric Bodywork + Sacred Spot - Combine the Tantric Bodywork signature session and explore the sensitivity of your Rosebud (outer anal area). A highly arousing and powerful session - for men
$350 for 60mins/$400 for 75mins/$500 for 90mins/$650 for 120mins

Japanese Nuru - A slippery all-natural seaweed gel generously applied with the pleasure of the Body2Body experience. Sensual and highly tactile.
$350 for 60mins/$400 for 75mins/$500 for 90mins/$650 for 120mins

Tantric Couple's Session - the Tantric Guidance & Tantric Bodywork experience are combined together

$600 for 60mins/$700 for 75mins/$800 for 90mins/$1200 for 120mins


Tie and Tease - Pain and Lust/Light BDSM. 
$350 per 60mins/$400 for 75mins/$500 for 90mins/$650 for 120mins

Four Hands double - The Tantric bodywork signature session with two experienced therapists. Feeling the touch of four sensuous hands massaging your body from head to toe is a complete tantalising experience
$600 for 60mins/$700 for 75mins/$800 for 90mins/$1000 for 120mins

Outcall visits are available to hotels and serviced apartments for an additional fee 

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