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Meet Our Tantric Goddess 

Offering her tantric massage services from different locations 


About Jasmine: 

As a Tantric Goddess, I have recently embarked on a remarkable journey, delving deep into the realms of Tantra.


My name is Jasmine, and I have discovered an innate intuitive pull towards this ancient practice, a calling that has awakened within me the desire to express my sensuality in a safe and controlled manner.

Before embracing Tantra, I had already immersed myself in the world of dance as a trained dancer. Over the years, I have explored various dance styles, allowing my body to become a vessel of graceful movement and self-expression. Dance has been a profound teacher, guiding me towards the discovery of my own sensuality and the liberation of my spirit.

In my spare time, I relish staying active and engaging in activities that invigorate both my body and mind. I believe that nurturing my physical health is of utmost importance, and this dedication is reflected in my toned and athletic physique. The care I invest in maintaining my well-being allows me to be fully present and embody the essence of Tantra.

While I prioritize personal privacy, my face remains intentionally blurred. Nonetheless, clients often describe my appearance to be above society's standards, characterized by a beauty that surpasses the ordinary. However, it is my energy, my aura, and the profound connection we create together that truly define the enchanting experience we can share.

Beyond the realm of Tantra, I find solace and joy in the company of my family, friends, and loved ones. These cherished connections bring a sense of fulfillment and nourishment to my life, reminding me of the profound importance of human connection and genuine intimacy.

As a Tantric Goddess, I warmly invite you to join me on this transformative journey, where sensuality, connection, and spiritual awakening intertwine. Together, we can explore the depths of pleasure, experience profound healing, and discover the limitless possibilities that Tantra has to offer.

 Jasmine Offers:

Please be advised that while this is a sensual service we DO NOT offer or provide sexual intercourse

Tantric Bodywork - Most recommended and popular. Our most requested session combining erotic sensuality and tantric infused elements and principles​

$300 for 60min /$450 for 90min /$600 for 120min

Tantric Bodywork + Sacred Spot - Combine the Tantric Bodywork signature session and explore the sensitivity of your Rosebud (outer anal area). A highly arousing and powerful session - for men

$350 for 60mins/$450 for 90mins/$550 for 120mins

Japanese Nuru - A slippery all-natural seaweed gel generously applied with the pleasure of the Body2Body experience. Sensual and highly tactile.

$380 for 60mins/$530 for 90mins/$680 for 120mins

Tantric Couple's Session - the Tantric Guidance & Tantric Bodywork experience are combined together

$600 for 60mins/$800 for 90mins/$1200 for 120mins

​Tie and Tease - Pain and Lust/Light BDSM. 

$400 per 60mins/$550 for 90mins/$800 for 120mins

​Four Hands double - The Tantric bodywork signature session with two experienced therapists. Feeling the touch of four sensuous hands massaging your body from head to toe is a complete tantalising experience

$600 for 60mins/$900 for 90mins/$1200 for 120mins

Outcall visits are available to hotels and serviced apartments for an additional fee

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