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Tamaras Auckland Touring Details 
 Venue, Roster, Rates & Offerings   

(click here to go to her profile- please note that pricing is different and the rices listed on her profile are for AUSTRALIAN bookings only)

To arrange a booking with Tamara in Auckland NZ  
Please TEXT 022 371 9436 to arrange your booking directly with her   personally, or you can call or text  
Albanys Angels on 021 0333 016 to secure an unforgettable exprience with   Tamara through the  friendly team there  

Next confirmed rostered day:   

Thursday 11th May - 12.00pm - 5.30pm - Albany
s Angels (Confirmed)  

Offerings and NZ Rates 

Tantric Bodywork - Click here to read about a general session with Tamara 

 Most recommended and popular. Our most requested session combining erotic sensuality and tantric infused  elements and principles 
$200 for 15mins/$270 for 30mins/$320
 for 45mins/$400 for 60mins/$510 for 90mins/$800 for 120mins  

Teaching touch with Tamara  
 A more mutual touch option. This is similar to the standard tantric bodywork session, however this session is split into 2 halves. One half of the session is done as you in the "receiver" of touch (as per usual) and the other half of the session, you will switch roles and you will be the "giver" of touch. During this time as the giver of touch Tamara will teach and guide you with a hands on approach (literally) on how to respectfully touch a woman pleasurably.
$480 for 60mins/$600 for 90mins/$780 for 120mins 

Tantric Bodywork + Oral Fixation 
 A signature session created just by me for the most hygienic clients. The "Oral Fixation" is a deep exploration and unique massage, aimed at awakening and exciting your bodily sensations. A unique massage, predominantly using her mouth and tongue, Tamara will tantalize and awaken your senses in one the most sensual and intimate ways your body has ever experienced. In this session, numerous parts of your *non intimate areas* will be explored during the massage using oral techniques. It is a very intimate process to allow another person to explore your body with such intimate oral techniques, therefor it is performed in a delicate and very sensitive way. Please note that due to the intimate nature of this particular massage, showering thoroughly at Tamaras unit before your booking commences is required and not negotiable. Tamara reserves the right to decline this massage request without reason, to anyone.Please do not request this if you have any rashes, open sores or infections on your body anywhere. 
$460 for 60mins/$570 for 90mins/$800 for 120mins  

Tantric bodywork +Sacred Spot (Prostate Massage)  
 Combine the tantric bodywork signature session and explore the sensitivity of your Rosebud (outer anal area) . A highly arousing and powerful session - for men 
$250 for 15mins/$320 for 30mins/$370
 for 45mins/$450 for 60mins/$560 for 90mins/$850 for 120mins 

Tantric Couple's Session 
The Tantric Guidance & Tantric bodywork experience are combined together 
$600 for 60mins/$700 for 75mins/$800 for 90mins/$1200 for 120mins  

Tie and Tease  
-Combining Pain and Lust with Light BDSM  
$250 for 15mins/$320 for 30mins/$370
 for 45mins/$450 for 60mins/$560 for 90mins/$850 for 120mins

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