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Unveiling the World of Sensual Tantric Massage with Cleo

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Cleo, one of our divinely sensual premium Tantric Goddesses. Cleo shares with us her journey into the world of Tantra, her unique approach to tantric massage, and the transformative experiences she facilitates for her clients.

Instagram – “YourfantasybyCleo

Q: What motivated you to become a tantric massage therapist?

I say that Tantra ‘found me.

I was completing my Breathwork and Embodiment facilitation course

when a friend invited me to a Tantra massage workshop (through one of

my Mentors Helen Zee) and I felt curious to attend.

What followed was a soul ‘remembering.’ I felt like I reclaimed and

awakened a part of me that had always been there, I just had not been

in the right space to truly allow and accept this part of me. This sparked

my hunger and curiosity to further deepen my skills in this space and my

sessions with my existing sensual massage clients. This turned into a

more somatic approach in how I ran my sessions, which expanded into a

breathwork focus and including the different Tantra modalities that I was


This Tantric work has not only allowed me to connect deeper with

myself, but my body also and learn to harness my own sexual energy

and orgasm for the deepest of healing whilst expanding and activating

my clients into their own remembrance and pleasure reclamation."

Q: How would you describe your approach to tantric massage, and

what principles guide your practice? 

My approach to my Tantra massage is to hold a safe non-judgmental

space where my clients are given the opportunity to explore their

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic body with me. To

allow themselves to be seen on all levels and evoke that feeling of one-

ness and wholeness within self. I bring different principles of conscious

touch, different breathwork techniques, sounding, mediation and mindset

tools to guide and activate my client on the deepest of levels.

I am also a big believer the power of our erotic nature and eros is the

most powerful energy we hold as humans, which is why I call myself an

“Erotic Tantric Masseuse,” as I am activating that erotic part of myself to

awaken and guide my clients into their own erotic nature.

Q: Are there specific philosophies or teachings within tantra that

resonate with you the most?

I feel deeply connected to both Classical & Neo Tantra teachings, which

my sessions combine elements of both. The philosophy of using our

sexual energy as a tool for spiritual enlightenment, healing and

transformation is something I feel deeply connected to. I will always be a

student in this work alongside building my own experience and

expertise, I will always be continuing and upleveling my own skills in this

field with the Mentors that align with my soul.

Q: How do you establish a connection with your clients before a


I establish a space for my clients to feel heard and seen before we start

the Tantra massage. I hold space for my clients to share with me, why

they are here, what they are wanting to work on in a session plus their

intention. Your intention is your come from, what is driving you which is

an incredibly important piece to speak into and create clarity on. I

incorporate eye-gazing before a session as this provides a space for my

clients to connect deeper with themselves and allow whatever parts of

them are desiring to be activated and sparked open.

Q: In your view, how does the exchange of energy play a role in tantric


There are unique styles of Tantric massage which result in a different

energy exchange.

The exchange of energy between client and practitioner has a different

impact on the style of session. Everyone comes to these spaces with

different intentions and different life & relational experience.

Every practitioner is different in their style, and modality as certain

therapists practice non genital touch, others are fully clothed and touch

is one directional, to others allowing a more erotic and sexual space to

be held. That is why it is beautiful to go out and experience a plethora of

different practitioners so you can get a feel with what aligns best for you

and where you are at in your journey. You get to create discernment and

trust in your own pull towards practitioners and the different flavours of


Q: What steps do you take to ensure the comfort and well-being of

your clients during a session? 

I always have a conversation with my clients before we start the body

work in opening the space for them to talk re any past injury, illness or

trauma that may affect or come up in a session. I am a trauma informed

therapist and creating a space where a client can come to me and feel

comfortable to be vulnerable and open up is a really important aspect for

me. I also will question regarding any contraindications around breath-

work my clients may have to ensure their wellbeing and safety is


Q: How do you tailor your approach to meet the unique needs of each


I always like to enquire regarding my client’s background so I can hear of

where they are at, past issues, what is alive or what they are struggling

with before a session. This way I can ensure I am prepared for a session

and adjust according to where they are at. If this doesn’t take place

before them seeing me (as I get referrals and bookings from different

sources) it’s always something I’ll ensure we run through when meeting,

as it’s my intention to meet my clients where they’re at and to ensure I’m

providing an experience that aligns and truly supports them.

Q: Do you incorporate any other healing or spiritual practices into

your tantric massage sessions? 

I bring elements of my Holistic Health Coaching, NLP Master Timeline

Therapy (Neural linguistic programming) and Somatic Bodywork through

Breath & Embodiment practices into my Tantra sessions. My background

is based in the Wellness, Fitness and Self Development industry which I

have a combined 12 years’ experience in. Your body keeps the score of

every experience, trauma, past hurt you have experienced, and it has

been through my own body deep dive journey of working through my

own healing of an eating disorder and PTSD that I am able to hold such

deep and transformational containers for my clients.

Q: How do you strike a balance between the physical and spiritual

aspects of the massage?

The word balance for me creates a forced sense of perfection which

does not exist, yet we keep striving to get this ‘balance’ as human

beings. I replace balance with the word harmony, which is more so

based on a feeling and kinaesthetic approach. In a session, I ask myself

‘How can I create harmony for a client within these physical and spiritual


I always focus on the conscious touch and body work aspects within a

session, whilst incorporating my own way of grounding a client and

leading through meditative and embodiment practices to connect with

that higher spiritual aspect of themselves. I have the invitation as a

practitioner to be listening to my own inner compass and felt sensation

as my client’s experience is reflected in me, which is how I lead a


Q: Can you share a memorable and positive experience you have had

with a client? 

I have had so many incredible and positive experiences with my clients

its incredibly hard to pinpoint just one! I will share two ��

I had a woman amazing client who had a past with sexual abuse but

through the Yoni Tantra & somatic experience with me she activated and

embodied a new belief that she could experience and access pleasure in

her body without pain!

For the hundreds of men that I’ve worked with, I

had a man who actually experienced pain when he ejaculated, through

our sessions together and creating a practice with breathwork and

subconscious belief change he was able to fully embrace and own his

pleasure which led to both experiencing full body orgasms and also

ejaculation without pain.

Q: Are there any success stories or transformative moments that

stand out in your career?

When clients move from pain – pleasure, that is always such a gift to

witness and experience as mentioned above.

I have had clients experience full body orgasms for the first time and

seeing and feeling their joy and wonderment of their own bodies

capacity to experience pleasure is such a beautiful thing to witness. I

have held space for clients to unlock and move through huge trauma in

their system and body, which has activated and opened their voice and

power which transformed how they spoke up and owned their truth with

loved ones and family. To clients becoming so deeply sensitive to their

sensual body and noticing sensations and pleasure deeper than before,

I had a client who referred to me as the Tantric Tony Robbins. I need to

trademark that ��

Q: What advice would you give to clients seeking tantric massage for

the first time? 

I recommend getting clear on your intention and creating awareness of

the ‘Why’ you are here and what you are genuinely wanting to get out of

a Tantric experience.

Are you in a relationship, wanting to ignite and spark potential lack of

intimacy with your partner? If so, lean into communicating openly with

your partner as this allows the importance of truth and transparency and

the ‘style’ of session that fits you as a couple.

Otherwise, if you are single, feel into what you are desiring to experience

and ignite for yourself in this place of getting to know yourself deeper!

I would recommend googling the Melbourne Tantric scene as it is

booming and there is so many different types of experiences you get to


Trust in your curiosity, because that is where your intuition and internal

compass will steer you the right way with what practitioners and style of

Tantra is best for you.

Word of mouth is always a wonderful way to get a feel of someone you

know that has had a wonderful experience, yet you always get to create

discernment and trust in what’s best for you.

Lastly, lean into the discomfort!

Stepping into any new space can be nerve wracking and at times

anxiety will come up, so remember the importance of allowing all of this

and the many parts of you to be here, do not let these parts of you run

the show though. You do not create change in your life or relationships

by doing the same comfortable thing, follow your curiosity, nerves, and


Q: How can clients make the most out of their tantric massage


I recommend once you have found a practitioner you trust, I recommend

clients to be hydrated before a session and to not eat a huge meal 2

hours prior booking.

Both aspects will ensure your body is well hydrated and ready for

Somatic / energy work and to ensure the success of a Breathwork &

Body activation. (doing breath-work on a full stomach is not fun!)

Post session, I recommend clients to ground, have salt baths or getting

in the sea alongside eating whole & grounding food where possible as

this supports your emotional body and integration post session.

Q: What hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of your work as a

tantric massage therapist?

I am a huge adrenaline junkie, so any outdoor pursuits that involve

speed, mountain biking, motorbikes, rock climbing, swimming, diving,

lifting heavy in the gym, ice baths – all my cup of tea! Alongside

festivals, music and tapping into my creativity such as playing the piano

and cooking in the kitchen!

Q: And lastly, is there anything about you that you think clients might find

interesting or surprising or that you'd like to share?

I have passed my Grade 8 in classic Piano, and it has been through my

experience of surviving a domestic abusive relationship that has been

the activator for me to truly be led to this Tantric and Somatic body work

I now do and love so deeply.

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