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Click here for a generalized description of a standard tantric bodywork session overview

Is tantric massage sex? Or does it include sexual intercourse?

No. Tantric sex is tantric sex, tantric massage, is tantric massage! While some places may use tantra for other purposes, here at Gaia Love Tantra we pride ourselves in being professional tantric MASSAGE goddesses. There is no sexual intercourse offered by any of our therapists while working for us, so if this is a service you were hoping to receive we highly recommend you go elsewhere. 

I've never experienced a tantric massage before, will I be able to receive one?
Absolutely. Anyone can receive a tantric massage with one of our therapists, providing you are 18 years or older, respectful, open minded and open for personal growth and self knowledge. We do not discriminate against anyone based on their ethnicity, sex, age, weight, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status, or covid vaccine status. We respect all people and ask that you show the same level of respect when interacting with any of our therapists.

Do I need to have any special knowledge or experience for this type of massage?

Not at all- our massages are about relaxation, dedication and being absolutely pampered.  Therefore no previous experience or knowledge is needed at all. This is the perfect setting for you to experience and practice stillness, awareness and to completely surrender to a loving a nurturing touch. Our caring and sensual therapists will accompany you on your journey through your body and sensuality and will hold a safe space for you to fully surrender and explore.


Do I need to bring anything to the massage?

You don’t need to bring anything, except your wish to have a massage and any intentions you hope to experience. We have all of the facilities you need in our private units, shower, towels, refreshments, oils and so on. There really is nothing you need to worry about except coming to experience something decadent and coming with an open mind and respectful excited attitude.

How long would you recommend I book for?

How ever long you chose to book for is completely up to you and may vary depending on your own personal circumstances. We offer a minimum of 60 minute sessions, however we do usually prefer slightly longer session times together (especially if it is your first time meeting your therapist) so that your session doesn't feel rushed in any way and so that you and your therapist are able to connect and start forming trust, which should help you to relax before your massage commences. While most therapist prefer the longer 90min booking sessions, we completely understand that these might not be best suited for your own personal circumstances.

Can I shower at your place before and after the massage?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it. Our therapists provide clean shower facilities including towels, body washes and sprays. Some therapists may insist on you showering at theirs before the booking. It is up to you whether you wish to shower at the end of your booking or not, but for the health and safety of our therapists, (and given the intimate nature of the massage) please respect any request  for you to shower again before you start your massage, if it is requested by your therapist that you do so.

What kind of oil do you use?

Most of our therapists use a raw and natural, unscented coconut oil. However sometimes essential oils are added to the oil to help aid your massage.  If oil is not ideal, you have the option to switch to Nuru gel.  Nuru is a great option for those who do not enjoy oil as it is water based and will wash right off. Nuru gel is a non scented, non oily, non toxic, super slippery gel made from Nori seaweed. Please be aware that the nuru based gel option will incur an additional $50 fee.

How will I be dressed  when receiving my tantric massage?

To receive tantric massage, most people generally choose to be completely naked. However, it is entirely up to you. You can choose to be however you feel most comfortable. If you would like to keep underwear or a towel on, this is 100% fine. Your comfort is what is most important to us.

So, I can choose not to be naked if I want?

Absolutely. If you choose to stay in underwear during the massage you can also chose to withdraw from the lingam/yoni massage, as these are massages done on the genitals and should be done with the naked body. You can also change your mind mid-booking too at any stage if you want. As long as you communicate clearly, changing your mind mid-booking is also absolutely fine.

Is my therapist naked during the booking?

In the tantric tradition man (Shiva) and woman (Shakti) meet on the same level. As our massages are usually received naked, they are also usually given naked, however some therapists do chose to keep a small G-string on during the massage. It's about closeness, discovery and feeling moved. We see nudity as something natural and beautiful, free of embarrassment and offensiveness. However, we respect both your right and our therapists rights to keep underwear on if that is what you, or they, would like to do.

Can I touch the genitals of my therapist during our tantric massage?
Generally, no. While most of our therapist are happy for you to gently and respectfully touch certain parts of their bodies, the touching of your therapists intimate areas is not usually allowed and should never ever be expected.

Your therapist will usually set their boundaries with you and explain where they are happy for you to touch (if anywhere at all) during your chat before your massage actually starts. And if they don't set clear boundaries, we invite you to ask them yourselves so you know. 

In tantric massage, there are usually 2 very specific roles. A giver, and a receiver. Your role as the receiver is to do exactly that, receive. It is hard for you to fully relax and surrender to receive, if you are focused on trying to touch your therapist and turn her on in anyway. It is also hard for your therapist to fully give, if she is focused on trying to protect herself from any unwanted touches. Some of our therapists may allow special kinds of intimate training touch as a part of their services or packages but that is entirely up to each individual therapist and generally speaking, intimately touching your therapists genitals is not usually permitted.

Failure to respect your therapists boundaries around this in any way and will result in your therapist ending your booking early without a refund, and you will also be banned/blacklisted from booking with any of our therapists here at Gaia Love Tantra in the future.


We will not tolerate any form of disrespect, aggression or unsavoury behaviour in any way shape or form.

What generally happens during the session/massage?

After being welcomed into your therapists space, you and your therapist will sit down and get to know each other. She will ask you a few questions to get to a feel for what you might be hoping to achieve and to best equip herself with the knowledge needed to intuitively adjust and cater her session to your individual needs. After this she will invite you to shower and once showered, your physical massage will commence.


During your tantric massage your body will be massaged using a number of techniques, which stimulate energy flow, sensitise and relax the body and open and excite the mind. As a result, you will feel deeply relaxed despite being awake. As the idea of Tantra is to touch the whole person, we also massage the genital area, or a "lingam" massage...However, the aim of this is not to fully sexualise the massage but to include ones sexual energy in the whole body massage.

In addition to a basic routine that each of our therapists generally follow, there is also room for each therapist to personalise their massages and to follow their own intuition and creativity. This means that every massage will be different, that each therapist will have their own style and that every massage you have here with our therapists may feel like a new and exciting experience every single time.

Is it ok to have an erection during the booking?

An erection during the massage is welcome as it is a sign of relaxation and enjoyment.

Is it ok if I reach orgasm in tantric massage?

While orgasm is not the main purpose of tantric massage, it is natural process that can often occurs and there is absolutely no embarrassment if it does. In fact, often multiple dry orgasms can be reached during tantric massage with the right kind of  knowledge and training.

Can I enjoy the massage despite having erection problems?

It is not important to the massage or your enjoyment of it whether you have an erection or not.


Can I enjoy the massage despite having premature ejaculation problems?

Yes, because this is normally caused by psychological factors and not physical. Dealing with it is for many just a question of practice. We gladly give you a non-judgemental, neutral and safe space to enjoy yourself free from any guilt or shame.

What if I am self conscious and I feel too embarrassed to let myself be touched?

Your weight and figure are unimportant to our massages and our therapists. We connect with the beauty and fundamentals of every person and not only touch their body but also their soul. We aim to honour you for who you are. We are trained to see the divine in everyone and to see beyond your physical appearance. We hope to help you improve your relationship with yourself and with your beautiful, incredible body. We hope to make it easier for you to feel happier in your own skin and to value yourself regardless of your physical appearance. We hope to help you see yourself, as we see you. As a beautiful being of the divine, who has so much more to offer the world than their physical appearance.

What about hygiene? What do you do to stay hygienic?

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us, especially given these uncertain and somewhat scary times. Our baths/showers/toilets are cleaned and disinfected regularly. This, of course also applies to any sheets or bedding on which you are massaged and any towels you may use. We disinfect all massage table surfaces in between every client and any head pillows are sprayed with a disinfectant spray in between each client. We cover all pillows with head towels and each and every client always gets new and clean bedding for their booking. Our therapist also shower regularly before and after each booking.


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