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Our Signature Tantric Bodywork
Session Explained

Upon arrival to your therapists space, you will be welcomed inside where she will introduce herself to you before inviting you to sit down for a brief chat prior to your massage together commencing.

During this chat, she will go over any questions, concerns, boundaries and intentions that you might have and will explain any rules and boundaries that she expects you to respect, in order for you to both connect and have the best and most enjoyable tantric experience together. Once you both feel comfortable with everything discussed and payment is made, you will be taken to the bathroom where it is requested that you shower (regardless of whether you showered before you came or not). We provide clean towels, and generally provide body washes, deodorant sprays and other complimentary toiletries for your convenience.

Once clean, you will meet your therapist in the treatment room in your towel. Before your massage starts, most therapists will energetically cleanse the space you will be sharing together. She will usually also set the intentions for your space and your time together. This is generally done with the aid of fire and smoke, such as sage, incense or Palo Santos, but can also include scented oils,  and/or sound (such as a sound bowl, chimes etc)

Once your space is cleansed, your therapist will then help you to calm your mind and relax your body through a series of guided tantric breathing exercises. This will help to connect and centre you with yourself, putting you into a calm energetic space that will allow you to fully relax and surrender so that you can receive your divine massage in its full entirety.

Then when you are calm and centred, your tantric goddess will begin the Tantric Body Worship. This is a deep honouring of the body, mind and soul. An intense awakening of your senses through a series of light touches, sound and breath. This has been described as a very sensual and intimate experience that quite often leaves many feeling shaky on their feet and ready to lay on the table.

Once on the table, we proceed with taking you on a beautiful and intimate tantric journey. Relaxing the body with a range of varying massage techniques, including long and intimate lomilomi style strokes, light sensual touches and tickles and the sensual erotic feeling of breast sweeps and full B2B (body to body) body slides. Towards the end of your massage you will be invited to turn around where the lingam massage is then incorporated (if wanted). Your therapist will aim at consciously spreading the energy all over your body, sending nourishing sensual energy to every part of your being. 

Once the massage is complete, you will be invited to close your eyes and relax. We then allow you a few moments of quiet alone time so that you can come back into yourself and reflect on any new sensations or emoticons you may have experienced. if you would like to shower again before you leave your welcomed to do so at this point.

Your therapist will then say her goodbyes and you will leave feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on the world.


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