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Tantric "Oral Fixation"

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Well, that heading certainly caught your attention, didnt it? Please allow me a moment to explain to you a little more about my newest delight-ful offer... "Tantric Oral fixation" with Tamara and Friends First of all, let me start by asking you this... Did the words or picture above stir anything within you? If so, then you will definitely want to read on. The Oral fixation, is my newest delight-ful offering. One of my most prized techniques, it has been kept a secret under lock and key for quite some time. Until now. Our mouth is so practical, we use it for eating, talking, chewing, kissing etc. However, it is extremely and divinely erotic and can tease and tantalize the senses in ways unique to only the mouth. I have known this technique for a long while now and have only offered it to a few people, each of them having an experience that they could not find the words to explain.

How did I come across this? A while ago while in an intimate situation with a partner. I was instucted to relax and to trust them while they tried something new on me. They teased and tantalised me, by exploring every non-intimate part of my body with kisses, licks, nibbles and breath... and it was unlike anything I had never experienced before. My body had never felt such an intense level of sensitivity yet a deeply profound bliss. I journeyed into my inner worlds and his mouth was the doorway. I felt so connected to my body and soul, I realised embodiment is divine pleasure. My intuition then guided me to return the pleasure and it was an intense experience that neither of us will ever forget. We both shared such an intense level of connection and bliss that it was then and there that this was an special experience worth sharing. Everything was clear within me and around me. I radiated pleasure for many days after. There was a noticeable release of energy and a realignment, it had activated my entire being.

Why am I sharing it now? I guess I didn't feel I was ready to share this with my clients until now. I don't know but it does sound silly to ask if I could explore your bodies with my mouth...without it being a sexual experience. It doesn't really seem to be the norm... But then again, what is the norm these days? On a deeper level, this technique requires immense trust from the giver and receiver. It asks of us to be vulnerable and that can be uncomfortable.

So here with absolute delight... I officially introduce to you the Tantric Oral Fixation, a deep exploration of the body using the mouth to delight and awaken your senses. Pleasure can be deeply felt and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you may experience. I cant wait to share this with you all.

With love,

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